Interlude: Reality Dream Live


  • 2008 on cd and vinyl
  • 2009/2010 on DVD
  • 2011 in the Big Box Set (6-cd compilation)

Live tracks recorded and filmed during a concert played in Łódź, Poland on May 17th 2008.

The reviews of the three studio albums that make up the Reality Dream Trilogy are posted, so it seems like a sensible spot to put a brief précis of the only live concert video Riverside have managed to bring to fruition thus far, a live set of tracks and a DVD stitched together from songs from those albums. If they played anything from Voices in My Head or new songs during this show, it does not appear here.

As of this writing, apart from some videos on the band’s and the label’s Youtube channels, the Reality Dream DVD is the only official record of the band’s on-stage presence—at least as it was at one point in their career.  It provides a touchstone for comparisons to their recent performances, especially if one refers to the documentary “In Between” that accompanied the last Lunatic Soul album wherein Mariusz Duda briefly discusses the changes made by the band in how they approach their live shows.  Duda is indeed much more of a physical presence on stage now than he was in the early days, and Michał Łapaj is much less restrained…but otherwise there isn’t a lot of difference.  They were and are superbly rehearsed, almost preternaturally in touch with each other as performers, and while audience participation is more actively encouraged in recent years the band seems to play more to each other than they do directly to the audience.

In terms of production it is a good record of a live performance, fairly straightforwardly shot but alas edited as if someone had spent too much time watching Porcupine Tree’s Arriving Somewhere DVD, chock full of faux scratches and fading colour and the flare of decaying film, with aspect ratios flipping back and forth at random.  All of that distracts more than it enhances.   Just give us the show.   The songs are almost perfectly rendered versions of the studio tracks with some minor concessions to the live context.  This perhaps is the biggest contrast with the current approach: today many of the songs have been modified and transformed into unique and in some cases superior versions for live performance.

There are four versions of this show, in different formats, and each with slightly different track orders. At the moment the availability of the different releases varies from “You Can Find It If You Dig” (the DVD mostly) to “Yeah Right, Dream On”.  Set lists for the different versions continue  below the fold.

DVD Set List:

  1. Intro
  2. The Same River
  3. Out of Myself
  4. Volte – Face
  5. Rainbow Box
  6. 02 Panic Room
  7. Reality Dream III
  8. I Turned You Down
  9. Dance with the Shadow
  10. Parasomnia
  11. Second Life Syndrome
  12. The Curtain Falls
  13. Before (encore)
  14. Ultimate Trip (encore)

The DVD also includes bonus material: live tracks from concerts around the world from 2006 to 2008; and a brief documentary “Behind The Curtain”.

CD Track List:

CD 1

  1. The Same River
  2. Out of Myself
  3. Volte – Face
  4. Rainbow Box
  5. 02 Panic Room
  6. I Turned You Down
  7. Reality Dream III
  8. The Curtain Falls

CD 2:

  1. Parasomnia
  2. Second Life Syndrome
  3. Back to the River
  4. Conceiving You
  5. Before
  6. Ultimate Trip

The vinyl version was numbered and limited to 500 copies, available only at shows.

Vinyl Tracklist:

Side A:

  1. The Same River
  2. Volte – Face

Side B:

  1. 02 Panic Room
  2. I Turned You Down
  3. Parasomnia

Side C:

  1. Out of Myself
  2. Before
  3. The Curtain Falls

Side D:

  1. Reality Dream III
  2. Ultimate Trip

Second Live Syndrome is a CD included in 2011’s Big Box Set compilation of Riverside releases.

Second Live Syndrome Tracklist:

  1. Volte – Face
  2. Conceiving You
  3. Second Life Syndrome
  4. I Turned You Down
  5. Reality Dream III
  6. Dance With the Shadow
  7. Before
  8. The Piece Reflecting the Mental State of One of the Members of Our Band (studio)